3°Geniko Lykeio Katerinhs

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3rd General Lyceum of Katerini, Pieria, GREECE


(3o Geniko Lykeio Katerinis)


Our school is a secondary state school located in the outskirts to the north of the town of Katerini. The school premises are away from high-rise buildings and this allows us to have an impressive view of the legendary Mt Olympus.

The school was founded in 1979 and it receives students aged between 16-18 years old. There are 3 grades (A, B, C) of 5 classes each. The total number of the students amounts to 320. The third grade students enter Tertiary Education Institutions (universities / technical education institutions) after sitting special exams at a national range. Every year, the school is very proud to announce success of graduate students entering University Faculties in a proportion about 70 - 75%.

 The school has got two well-equipped laboratories of science and one computer room. There is also a rich library where students can borrow books.

 The school curriculum includes courses of Religion, Ancient Greek language & Literature, Modern Greek language & Literature, History, Mathematics (Algebra, Geometry, Mathematics and Statistics), Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Foreign Languages (English, French or German), Physical Education, Sociology, Introduction to the Law, Latin,  Inquiry Project, Applications in Programming Environment, Business Managemet and Administration, Principles of Economic Theory, etc depending on the grade or the direction that the students select.

Apart from the curriculum, many students participate in extra-curricular activities related with Cultural, Environmental or Health Education issues. The school also has implemented a Comenius European project and now an Erasmus Plus project is running.

Every year highly motivated students take part in competitions, either individually or in thematic teams (e.g. the School   Magazine Team) and in sports events of local or national range and quite often come back with distinctions.

   The Principal

  Georgios Perdikis




Presentation of the school by the Principal (video)