The Meeting in Katerini

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The meeting in Katerini

Proposal for the topic in Greece:

Biological agricultural products
(production, standardization, processing and promotion)

Rationale (explanation)
The reason for suggesting this topic is that there is a variety of such products (grapes and wines, kiwi, olives and olive-oil, cherries, peaches, aromatic herbs, tea etc.) in our region (Pieria), which can be exported (and they are) worldwide, without or after standardization and/or processing, bringing numerous benefits for the local community but also for the economy in general. Moreover, due to the economic crisis in Greece and in Southern Europe as well, the shift to agriculture in modern times has proven to yield results, especially for young people. Greece and Southern Europe have always counted on agricultural production and we already have the comparative advantage that our products are of excellent quality. Furthermore, biological products have increasing demand in modern times. Clarification: By the term “biological” which can also be described as ecological or organic we mean mild, environmentally friendly agriculture / farming or livestock farming with no use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, growth hormones and genetic modifications. More specifically, we could define organic farming as a production system based on crop rotation, recycling of crop residues and animal manure, green manure, reasonable use of agricultural machinery and biological control methods.