05 - 13 Dec 2015  The 3rd international meeting in

Lyon.    The topic of the meeting:




26 09.2015     The 2nd teachers' meeting in FORMIA



 2.05 -10.05  The 2nd international meeting in





 28.02.2015      The partners meet in Budapest


 28.02 - 08.03 2015  The 1st international meeting in


Baia Mare



27.02.2015       The Greek Topic:


Biological agricultural products (production, standardization, processing and

promotion).You can see the rationale in our eujobproject site.


21.01.2015      Starting to apply the pre test  to the




17.01.2015      The winner is the  logo made by the

           Turkish  students !!


16.01.2015     Students vote the logo of the project.


12.01.2015     The LOGO of the project : the dead line.


08.01.2015    A video from Italy.

The Italian partners sent a video about the eco houses...
The Romanian partners sent a video about the wooden houses...
23.12.2014  A video from Romany.
The Romanian partners sent a video about the houses built with natural materials...

22.12.2014   News from Romany.


THE TOPIC OF Romania is :
" AN ECO HOUSE - A HEALTHY LIFE" (Wood, Mud, Stone)