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In order to achieve our project objectives,  we evaluated the Strengths,  Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT) in our project with all the partner countries at the second transnational meeting in Formia, ITALY. Our aim is to improve our weak points by working on different strategies with the help of our strong points.





  • The role of the coordinator; organizing things, coordinating the group in an effective way, distributing the tasks among the partner countries...

  • Good communication among the partners,

  • The applicants’ satisfaction in the meetings,

  • International team spirit,

  • The variety of the themes/topics,

  • The preparatory work in advance before meeting,

  • Teaching the students how to cooperate and work in an efficient way, looking for, collecting, and selecting relevant info,

  • Students develop their computer skills,

  • They develop  their self-confidence in writing and speaking in English,

  • The students learns a lot about how to create a company in different countries,

  • They learn about different job opportunities in different European countries,

  • They build their European citizenship: They give up prejudices about other countries, they discover similarities in the school system, in the culture...

  • They learn about history, they broaden their horizon, they open their mind, they are more tolerant,

  •  They gain/develop inner motivation; they see the meaning of what they learn at school because they can transfer it outside the school,

  • Companies come to school and some students can get ideas about their future jobs,

  • Each student has specific skills/abilities, has a certain command of English and yet they all participate in the same way and each is important.

  • The students' motivations in the activities,

  • The students surpass themselves,

  • The students focus on the tasks and they put aside their background and differences,

  • There is a competition between the international teams with a winner in the end but they feel that they have achieved something good and they all feel proud and good,

  • The chance of going abroad and learning new cultures and experiencing  a different way of life especially for Turkish students.


  • The length of the seminars/presentations,

  • The seminars in host country language,

  • Deadlines are not always respected by all the partners,

  • The communication among the students before the meetings is not always frequent enough and efficient,

  • The command of English is not good enough for some countries,

  • The students don't know that it is a group work with the international mates and a teacher is monitoring each group,

  • Not enough teachers in the host country are allowed to leave their classes to work during the meeting,

  • Some students don't know that it is a project work, they should follow the project activities and host country students don't involve all the students they are hosting during the meetings, in the academic activities and also in the extra school activities,

  • The students don't know that they cannot change the whole work that was done in advance, they don't know  they can only improve it during the meeting,

  • The software is not in English,

  • Some teachers in the project works don't know what the project is about and the project activities,

  • The programs of the meetings are not very well-planned,

  • The students are not informed about the existence of the website or they do not care about it



    • The responsive and efficient communication with NAs/ with a person in charge of our project,

    • Parents' cooperation,

    • The friendship among the peers coming from different countries,

    • The administration cooperation,

    • The interest and cooperation with local people, authorities, newspapers, TVs

    • The widening of students' future work choices,

    • The cooperation among the partner countries,

    • Easy administrative formalities to travel abroad with students,

    • The widening of both teachers' and also students' cultural horizons,

    • The budget of the project; we can give students who couldn't  afford it an opportunity to go abroad

    • we can buy tools and equipment needed in the project



      • THE DELETION of the preparatory visits in the program (while working on the application form the cooperation is not enough as the partners don't know each other very well so it is very difficult to understand if this partnership will be efficient or not)

      • the NA rules are not the same for all the countries

      • the money from the NA comes very late

      • the percentage that each school has to add to the grant is different according to the country and the NA rules (from 10% in some countries up to 20% in others, why ?)

      • number of students involved in the mobilities

      • difficult administrative formalities to go abroad with students and get the passport (difficult to get - very expensive for some families)

      • buy tickets through a travel agency to get plane tickets

      • the administration and financial supervisor are not very supportive

      • not having extra time for project works in the curriculum/timetable and money

      • not having a special person in charge of our project in each NA

      • no consideration or help from the school administration for all the work done for this project

      • international political issues - terrorist risks

      • economical problems in the countries (some countries cannot take the money out of their bank account whenever they need)

      • not enough teachers (from the host country) are allowed to leave their classes to participate to the meeting

      • different expectations and obligations from different NA

      • the NA should give us a special account with a credit card (not mixing it with the school money - not having the money grant on our personal account - having to pay in advance on our personal budget on the teacher personal money)

      • the people in the NA don't know the  rules of the new program

      • the MOBILITY TOOL was late and we have no real information about its use

      • and sometimes the deadlines to send the report are really too short

      • there should be one common middle and final report for all NA

      • there should be the same rules and deadlines for all the activities (budget, intermediate and final report....)