Technical Institute "B. Tallini" Formia

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 Technical Institute "B. Tallini" Formia




The "IstitutoTecnico Costruzioni Ambiente e Territorio " B.Tallini" " is a high school located in Formia, a nice town far about 155 kilometers from Rome and 100 km. from Naples. 

Formia is a popular place for tourists who came here attracted not only by the sea, but also by the different monumental areas here placed. 

Our school is currently composed of two different specializations: a technical, and a professional one.

The "'Professional Institute E. Fermi " is the headquarter. It is one of the most ancient high school of the district, and it is located in the center of Formia.

The Technical Institute is one of the three located in the District of Latina, and it is placed in a suburb of the city.

The project is led by the technical section located in a new building constructed two years ago. In our school there are 40 teachers and 250 students from 14 to 19 years old.

Our students study English for five years, so this project will help them improving it, by meeting other people of other different countries with different traditions.

The technical  Institute  for Constructions, Environment and Territory ( ex school for surveyors) with a geotechnic  branch  is the only High School with this course of study in the area of South Pontine. The offered formation is usable in different  working fields which require a high technological and scientific level which is more and more in demand in the labor market .

Our school is equipped with all the structures and outfits provided for the regulations concerning  high school technical formation and instruction:

  • 20 ordinary classrooms  16 of which fitted with L.I.M boards
  • 7 special classrooms
  • 2 Physics, Chemistry and Sciences laboratories
  • 1 laboratory for building materials testing
  • 1 laboratory for special needs students
  • A 1000sm  gym built in lamellar wood which represents  the most important indoor sport structure in  Formia municipal district
  • Some outdoor areas  equipped  for sport activities
  • A 1500 sm external area with about 100 olive trees and 30 fruit trees which at the moment is used for surveying  trainings

Beyond the normal multimedia lessons in the classrooms with the help of LIM boards, teachers can use a wide range of supports : informatics, technical drawing, surveying and CAD laboratories provided with interactive boards, video-projectors and networking computers, a library and a multimedia room with almost 150 seats.

Our school is equipped with a GPS station for the satellite surveying of the territory and is part of the National Net. Moreover it is provided with  classical topographical instruments as 4 total stations which students use in their weekly trainings and surveying.

In the course of the years our school has been involved in the following activities:

Naturalistic Engineering internships

Thanks to a long term project financed by Regione Lazio, the students of our school have been carrying  out some theoretical and practical activities to plan and build land hydrogeological consolidation and safety works using naturalistic techniques. Beyond their teachers , students have co-operated with experts coming from L’Aquila University, Regione Lazio and the Regional Parks of our territory. At the end of every internship students get  an official certificate which is valuable for their personal curriculum.

Past works were carried out at:

Regional Park of Monte Orlando in the S.Y. 2010-11

Itri Campello area inside the Regional Park of Aurunci Mounts in S.Y. 2011-12

Villa Iaccarini in Itri inside the Regional Park of Aurunci Mounts in S.Y.2012-13 ( the results of these works were published in the website of Regione Lazio .

Villa Iaccarini in Itri inside the Reginal Park of Aurunci Mounts in S.Y. 2014-15. ( the results of this work were published in the website of Regione Lazio and on a specially made website : www.

The phases of the internships were carried out as follows:

 Alternation between lessons at school and didactic in the naturalistic yard

After a first phase of lessons in the classrooms there was a second practical phase.

Lessons at school

  1. territorial classification
  2. geomorphological layout
  3. fitoclimatic classification
  4. vegetational features
  5. presentation of the main naturalistic engineering techniques and their applicative fields.

Practical Phase

  1. surveyings of the site
  2. botanic analyses of the vegetational environment
  3. geo-pedological analyses
  4. students’ construction of the structures
  5. reforestation of the site

Works monitoring

In order to give a concrete approach to the techniques of naturalistic engineering our students were taken in excursion to examine the  works achieved in the preceding editions of the internships and to test the taking root of the used vegetable species.

Analyses of the morphologic quality of the waters

The syllabus of the internship included also the analyses of the eco-morphologic quality of a course of water through the investigation and the filling in an evaluation form of its features. After that they decided the most correct type of intervention.

Internship about the alternation school-job

Our school gives an extreme importance to the experiences of integration school-job inside the guidelines of its educational offer. As a consequence every year our Institute organizes internships  in collaboration with firms, professional offices and Public Authorities of our area. These internships represent a useful experience in the working world. During this period our students have the opportunity to compare their idea of the profession with the concrete practice so as they learn to choose among the different opportunities offered by our region.

ECDL and ECDL-CAD Certifications

Our institute was one of the first in Lazio region and for a long time even the only one in Latina and Frosinone Provinces to be  recognized as TEST CENTER SPECIALIZED in ECDL CAD which is the new international certification for Cad ( computer aided design) operators issued by A.I.C.A.  As a matter of facts the ECDL-CAD certification represents a qualification which attests the holding of competences checked at European level. Moreover they are also valuable for the university credit system.

Comenius European projects

Our institute organizes and is promoter of  abroad internships which are part of Comenius partnership programs financed by the European Community. We have just completed two multilateral partnership projects . The first had the title “ History tells us our story” and was in collaboration with a Greek school in Katerini, a Polish school in Tarnobrzeg and a Spanish school in Trijueque. The second project had the title of “ Land surveying in European context” in collaboration with two Finnish vocational schools in Helsinki and Hameenlinna and a Slovenian Technical school in Ljubljana. Thus our students were periodically engaged in internships with the partner countries and they had to survey and make the rendering  of monuments and big sport areas present in the partner countries. So They had the opportunity to compare their technical and linguistic competences with their foreign peers.

Finally our institute has obtained the grant for an Erasmus kA2 project. The title of this new project is “ Bridges”. Our institute is the coordinator school and collaborates with other four schools : a French ,a Rumanian , a Turkish and a Greek one.

Institute Projects and Studies

“The memory of our territory” is one of the most important projects of our institute. In this project our students stake their technical and computer skills  supported not only by their  teachers but also by experts of the Cultural and Archaeological Heritage Office and exponents of the staff of the involved municipalities.  Through their job they contributed to enhance the Environment of our region.

Thanks to the precision of the survey and accurate tridimensional-graphic renderings the project was appreciated and rewarded both at local and national level as shown by the prizes we received:

1° National Prize at the “Archeofestival” in Perugia in 2006.

1° Prize at the competition “ Scuola e società” organized by Lazio Confederation of Italian Industry in 2007.

The Cad reconstructions and the historical surveys of the monuments of the archaeological area of Minturnae and the coast towers are actually visible on panels exposed on the websites and also in 5 booklets published in typographical print.

1° prize at the competition “ La Formia che vorrei” organized by Formia municipality in which we developed a project of town improvement in the area of Caposele harbor in Formia in 2013-2014.

1° prize at the National competition “ ABC Arte, Bellezza e Cultura “ in 2013-2014 in which we were awarded by The President of the Italian Republic.

Special mention at the competition “IV International Festival  of the Scientific Documentary of the Universities and the Research Organization – Scientific Documentary” in 2014-2015.


In next PDF you can see some pictures of the school, our projects and also our study plan.